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EPIZ is a center for global citizenship education.

Vocational Education has been a main focus of EPIZ for over 20 years.

Vocational Education has been a main focus of our work at EPIZ for over 20 years. The goal of Global Learning in Vocational Education  is to  illustrate global and sustainable perspectives in vocational schools as well as in businesses. Apprentices learn to reflect upon the global impact of their personal and  professional behavior and to practice their profession in sustainable way.

EPIZ offers a wide variety of services, including the development of teaching and learning materials, often in cooperation with vocational schools or companies. Our concepts are always target-group oriented, utilizing inclusive methods of Global Education which are tailored to specific work settings and diverse target groups. Most of the materials are adapted for heterogeneous groups. Worksheets are available in different levels and font sizes, or are accessible via QR-codes which provide an audio recording of written texts. We also  provide free consulting and trainings for teachers, multipliers, and instructors. In addition to the topics of our teaching and learning materials, we address a wide range of issues, including, for example, sustainable building  construction , the repercussions of transnational treaties in the poultry industry, and the role cooks can play in preventing the export of chicken parts.

In annual workshops, we provide opportunities for vocational teachers of all specializations to meet, exchange ideas, and conceptualize and develop their own learning assignments and teaching concepts.

EPIZ Berlin is financed by the Berlin State Office for Developmental Cooperation at the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprise, Engagement Global on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Brot für die Welt, the development and relief organization of the Protestant Churches.

We also initiate and participate in EU-projects.



These teaching materials are available in German and English:

Simulation Game “50 Percent“

Simulation Game “Poultry“

Invitation to the Wake